DERMAP DEsign of components in a critical Raw MAterials Perspective

DERMAP is an in-field and intensive (one-full day) training course about materials selection in a CRMs perspective. The course is addressed to designers, mechanical engineers and professionals involved in materials selection who want to deepen their knowledge about materials selection strategies with particular references to CRMs related issues.


What's happened in 2019?

Within the framework of the DERAMP project in 2019, the persons responsible for the implementation of the project tasks and promotion made trips to conferences of international range. In addition to presenting the main assumptions of the DERMAP project in the form of presentations as well as banners and advertising leaflets, talks with foundries were also held to encourage potential participants to sign up for the training course provided in the project, organized by a team headed by Dr. Marcin Górny, Eng. 

Below is a brief description of the conference and the issues discussed. These are the leading conferences in the field of foundry engineering in Poland. 

In addition, Dr. Marcin Górny went to the International Conference EUROMAT 2019, where, in addition to discussions on the project DERMAP, familiarized himself with the latest trends in our industry.

The meeting of our colleagues at the University of Padova, attended by dr inż. Paweł Żak and dr inż. Michał Szucki is described in a separate report.

The information about the project was constantly updated on the website of the Foundry Department, further leaflets and other advertising materials were printed as needed. Preparations for the training are already completed - among others, the presentations delivered by the authors of the project to participants from the industry were translated into Polish. This activity is also aimed at reaching out to other potential customers from manufacturing companies and making them aware of the importance of critical elements in industry.

XXV International Conference „Współpraca 2019”

XXV International Conference of Slovak, Polish and Czech Foundryman’s SPOLUPRÁCA 2019 was in the High Tatras from 10 to 12 April 2019. It’s an international platform for Exchange of experiences and information’s among Slovak, Czech and Polish foundries, research and educational communities in metallurgy and foundry technology, molding compounds, heat treatment, casting repairs and environmental protection.

The main aim and focus of the conference SPOLUPRÁCA 2019 provides a summary of the current state and future trends in the following areas:

  • Influence of foundry alloys crystallization;
  • Metallurgy of  ferrous and non-ferrous materials;
  • Unconventional assessment of alloys;
  • Foundry technologies;
  • Molding materials;
  • Heat treatment of castings;
  • Use of simulation programs in foundry;
  • Rapid prototyping to production models;
  • Filtration alloys;
  • Metallographic analysis of foundry alloys;
  • Non-conventional foundry technologies;
  • Casting repairs etc. 



XII International Scientific Conference  „Innovation in die casting” was in Nowy Adamów from 13 to 15 May  2019. 

The Conference includes diecasting issues with particular emphasis on: 

  • Quality and control,
  • Construction of die casting mould
  • Use of simulation programs in foundry;
  • innovative technology,
  • application of modern research tools,
  • non-destructive and destructive testing,
  • organization of production.
  • quality,
  • innovative technology,
  • application of modern research tools,
  • non-destructive and destructive testing,
  • organization of production.


LIX International Scientific Conference  „Solidification and Crystallization of Metals” was in Sandomierz, from 4 to 6 September 2019.

The main aim and focus of the conference „Solidification and Crystallization of Metals” provides a summary of the current state and future trends in the following areas: 

  • classic problems of solidification and crystallization of alloys,
  • refining and modification methods,
  • new casting alloys, composites and their applications,
  • advances in melting, casting, and casting power technology,
  • defects and stresses in castings,
  • computer simulation of foundry processes,
  • the use of computer technology for quality control in the ISO system,
  • testing equipment and quality control methods for moulding materials and castings.



European congress and exhibition on advanced materials and processes „Euromat 2019” was in Stockholm, Sweden  from 1 – 5 September, 2019. EUROMAT is the premier international congress in the field of materials science and technology in Europe.

Area leaders: 

  • Functional Materials
  • Structural Materials
  • Processing
  • Characterization and Modelling
  • Energy and Environment
  • Materials for Healthcare
  • Education, Strategy and Technology Transfer
  • Raw Materials
  • Bio-based materials