Computer Aided Process Engineering (specialization)

The specialty of study "Computer Aided Process Engineering" is master’s degree carried out on the second degree of Computer Aided Process Engineeringand classes are taught in English. The study program of specialization consists of courses such as: knowledge of the technology and its development trends, computer-aided engineering, modern enterprise management systems, computer science and applied mathematics. This program is adapted to the Metallurgy and Science standard degree.

Graduates of the Master's after specialization of Computer Aided Process Engineering have the ability to use commercial software packages, such as: databases, graphics and software tools as CAD, CAE and CAM. Due to give the European Union the priority training courses of research such as “Information Society Technologies”, the graduates of the Master’safter specialization of Computer Aided Process Engineering better working out into the research teams, performing task in the field of materials technology and production engineering. This is additional chance interesting employment in the European Scientific - Research and in industrial plants.

Course duration:
3 semesters – 1.5 years (including master thesis)

For more information contact:
Faculty of Foundry Engineering 
Dr hab. inż. Janusz Lelito, prof. AGH

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