The condition for participation in the Conference is the on-time registration using the provided on-line form:

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As well as preparation of materials in accordance with the following requirements:


15.05.2018 – Article registration deadline,

05.06.2018 – Deadline for sending the presentations,

07.06.2018 - Conference


        Presentation language: english,

         Presentation duration: 10 min,,

         Presentation file format: .ppt, .pptx,

         Email address: with title „presentation”,

         Deadline for sending the presentation: until 5 June 2018,

note: it won’t be possible to copy the presentation file on the day of the conference.


         Poster language: english,

         Poster size: B2 (50x70 cm).


        Article language: english,,

       The condition for the publication of the paper is co-authorship of the publication together with the scientific supervisor or promoter of the dissertation and meeting all the formal requirements of the journal, including obtaining two positive, independent reviews,

        Article registration at: :

         Article registration deadline: : 15.05.2018 r.

 If you have any questions, we remain at your disposal at the following e-mail address: